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Radiofrequency HumanTecar HCR Technology

  • Decreases pain

  • Increases flexibility

  • Provide athletes a faster recovery

  • Treat traumas and rehabilitation

  • Circulatory issues

  • Cellular regeneration

  • Collagen production

  • Stress concerns



HumanTecar HCR 1002 is an FDA approved technology radiofrequency device. We use this technology to help you feel your best, fast.  This innovative device uses medium frequency radio waves to improve your own body’s natural process:  circulatory system, metabolism, lymphatic system, and recovery. HumanTecar HCR 1002 can be used for acute/chronic conditions, injuries, and esthetic treatments.  Our methodologies work from the inside out, without jeopardizing your body’s own energy. Our team of professionals are skilled with HumanTecar HCR 1002 to deliver the best possible outcomes.


how does it

During your Radiofrequency HumanTecar HCR 1002  treatment, a handheld device will be placed on your skin to deliver controlled, frequency energy to targeted areas. The energy heats the tissues beneath the skin's surface using varying temperatures, stimulating your cells electrolytes.  This stimulation works from the inside of your tissues and activates the anti-inflammatory process.

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